Story and Crew

Sayar family is one of the oldest families in Ankara. Father Cengiz, worked day and night to create his business and raise his two sons with honesty. Cengiz is a traditional and dominant father. Family means everything to him. It does not matter whatever goes between the family, at the end of the day, they would sit and eat at the same table at dinner.
Tarık is the eldest son of the family. He is a man of strong character just like his father, a workaholic, who lives by the book. Being the most helpful to his father, he took over his father’s business. He works with their business partner’s daughter Meltem and is expected to marry her. His life changes when he meets coy and innocent law student Sıla. At first, he only tries to help this poor girl but later he falls madly in love with her. The business partnership ends, Tarık goes against his father for the first time.
Emre is the youngest son of the family and a doctor. His life enters a new path when he falls in love with Zeynep. This love opens pandora’s box… The secrets hidden by the mother Arzu are about to come out because of Zeynep. Arzu strongly opposes this love, and Emre stands up to his mother, not knowing the chaos he is dragging his family in. Cengiz is shaken by the truths he discovers for the first time.
Will everyone be able to sit at the same table again?
A daily series, where being a family, loyalty, and love are tested.


Focus Film


Nilgün Sağyaşar


Nebahat Küçükazay, Melike Yılman, Necati Küçükazay,Redife Zerener, Uğur Kandemir Arpacı, Zeynep Kaya, Tolga Küçük, Erdal Bektaş


Nujin Yıldız, Ayşe Işıkay Tügen, Dilşen Kaya Kavuzlu, Ayşegül Yılmaz Işıkay


Gökberk Yıldırım, Eda Nur Gülbudak, Cenay Turksever, Hazal Eylül Çelik, Cenay Turksever, Hazal Eylül Çelik, Gökberk Yıldırım, Eda Nur Gülbudak, Esengül Aypek, Fatih Gühan, Buğra Gündoğdu, Emine Koyuncular, Özlem Boyacı, Şebnem Gürsoy, Okan Şenozan, Derya Keyf, Mehmet Boray Isabetli, Deniz Can, Sena Kurdoğlu, Ipek Özdinç, Banu Güngör Inal, Uğur Dökmeci, Nusret Şenay, Elif Gülhan, Kardelen Uçma