Hikaye ve Künye


One single events sometimes  may change the lives of people irrevocably.Sometimes that event leads the roads of people to be common coming from seperate worlds.It leads the evaluation of new friendships,new loves.

Deep Waters is story of Nisan who got out from her surrounding due to an event and entered into a completely different surrounding and Kuzey who entered into the world of rich directly.

In this story the poorest and the richest come up againist.

Om one side desperate young poor people who want to enter into the surrounding of the riches,on the other side rich degenerated rich people  born in wealth looking for fun and endless entertaintment by entering into another surrounding completely different from theirs.The bigger the conflict,the clash so strict in the same ratio.

Deep Waters is a biting series like a knife.

They were thinking they were playing games at their own shores where they realized very late that they were swimming at deep waters.Some of them came out from this anaphore by gaining strength,some of them hurled into other shores.There was one thing for sure,at the end of this story they all had changed.They had the chance to know the other face of the life,that is they were grown up.


Düş Gezginleri Film Yapım Dağıtım Hizm. A.Ş


Nilgün Sağyaşar


Filiz Alpgezmen


Gürsel Ateş, Taner Gündöner, Iraz Okumuş


Nisan Deniz Baysal, Kuzey Alican Albayrak, Ali Riza Tayfun Erarslan, Leyla Ceyhan Gölcek, Feryal Başay Okay, Doruk Canberk Denizli, İrem Hilal Altinbilek, Toprak Şükrü Özyildiz, Zeynep Güneş Köksal, Ezgi Özben Deneç, Necdet Atilla Karagöz, Aydan Handan Yildirim, Aziz Usta Kelam İnci, Semra Neşe Arat, İskender Kerem Poyraz Kayaalp