Hikaye ve Künye

Twenty years ago, the blood feud between the two biggest families in Mardin, the Bozbeys and Pehlivans, ended in peace. While the Pehlivans lost their eldest child, the Bozbeys exiled theirs as a peace condition. Away from his family for years, Ömer created a life of his own and became a successful businessman. What he does not know however is that his mother, who became Lady Agha after her husband died, and his younger brother Kadir are both waiting for the day he will return to Mardin and become Agha. In the meantime, the only son of the Pehlivan family, Halil also became Agha with the help of his mother Fidan. But his first duty is to break the peace and avenge his brother. As Kadir and Halil, filled with revengeful pain, try to kill each other in Mardin, Ömer is living a peaceful life in Istanbul with the love of his life, Leyla, who is unaware of the secret past of her lover. But he will have to pay yet another price for his family.


Focus Film


Nilgün Sağyaşar


Şebnem Aksoy Açikalin, Saim Umut Açikalin


Metin Balekoğlu


Serhan Yavaş (Ömer), İpek Karapinar (Leyla), Tolga Güleç (Halil), Meltem Miraloğlu (Dicle), Emel Göksu (Kureyşa), Erkam Aydar (Kadir), Özge Korkmaz (Zilan), Fatma Öney (Fidan), Sertan Erkaçan (Emin Ali), Aybike Turan (Selin), Kadir Turan (Celil), Pervin Ünalp (Fazila), Dine Altinok (Binnaz)