Story and Crew

Story of love, youth, hope and new beginnings.
Deniz’s new life starts when she gets in the school of medicine to become a doctor. She goes from living with her nurse mother in a small rural Anatolian town for all her life, to moving into a big city. Unexpected events and secrets will change her life completely.
In this big metropol, she will have to survive within the rich with their games.
She will discover that her father is alive and meet him for the first time.
She will learn to survive her siblings’ hatred.
She will fall in love for the first time.
She will learn what life is with its good and bad in one year.
StarFish is a coming out of age story. This story is about understanding and being at peace with life, growing up along the way.


Focus Film


Nilgün Sağyaşar


Eylem Akın , Filiz Alpgezmen


Ayşe Tügen, Nujin Yıldız , Fırat Gürsoy


Serhat Nalbantoğlu (Bahri) Cantuğ Turay (Melih), Begüm Topçu (Banu), Meltem Baytok (İkbal) Başak Akbay (Pelin), Tuan Tunalı (Özgür), Nermin Uğur (Sabiha) Emre İğdemir (Ozan), Artemis Karaman (Mehveş), Lale Başar (Berna) Zafer Demircan (Meryem), Çağdaş Serter (Suna),Tolga Tecer (Mustafa) Volkan Murat Benli (Celal), Özgün Çoban (Yiğit), Yıldırım Şimşek (Kazim) Mehtap Öztepe (Zeliha), Zerrin Epikmen (Hacer)