Hikaye ve Künye

The story of love, hope and making a new start…
When Zeynep who had lived in a small town for years came to a big city for the first time in her life, she had to live in a world she didn’t belong, where money, power and egos clash with one another. Staying in a powerful family’s house in Istanbul, Zeynep felt like an outsider and she was all alone. She didn’t know her father whom she thought was dead was also living in that house. Once she learns that, nothing will be the same. In Zeynep’s sad life, the best thing that ever happened to her was love, which made her learn to hope again. When Ege and Zeynep fell in love despite all the impossibilities, they didn’t realize that the biggest obstacle would come from their closest.
Elif fell in love with Kuzey when she was a little girl. Because of her love, she was terribly humiliated by Handan who’s the daughter of the house where her mother worked as a maid. The worst day of Elif’s life that changed her whole life was also the first day of her new life. On that day, Elif promised to make Kuzey fall in love with her and take her revenge from Handan who stole her childhood. Now Elif starts a new life full of lies and secrets to keep her promise and steal Handan’s boyfriend, Kuzey. Once Kuzey learns the lies Elif told and games she played within that time period, it will not be easy for Elif to regain her love, Kuzey.
Not only a story about growth, but it’s also a story about the conflict of generations, families falling apart and domestic feuds.


Focus Film


Nilgün Sağyaşar


Merve Balıkçı, Baran Gündoğdu


Mahmut Kaptan, Reyhan Usta


Hakan Dinçkol (Kuzey), İlayda Orkut (Sıla), Eda Elif Başlamışlı (Zeynep), Furkan Okumuş (Ege), Zeynep Melis Girşen (Melis), Zafer Demircan (Feraye), Erdem Adilce (Cihan), Ezgi Yanık (Seda), Özgür Tanık (Gönül), Duygu Keser (Yıldız), Hülya Aydın (Cavidan), Pınar Kankılıç (Belkıs), Neşe Mengüloğlu (Hülya), Aslı Atıl (Bahar), Fahrettin Avcı (Alper), Serap Önder (Naciye)